The UFC/USADA Incident List

Last updated: 20th June 2017

Latest Updates:

20th June: George Sullivan receives 1 year suspension for second violation
15th June: Amanda Ribas potential violation
9th June: Ian McCall rTUE granted for IV use
30th May: Casey-Sanchez violation (Texas), Andrade released
11th May: Jessica Penne positive test
7th May: Kelvin Gastelum receives 90 day suspension from CABMMA
5th May: Ricardo Abreu receives 4 year suspension

1.Mirko Filipovic

Current status: Indefinite suspension ending no sooner than  Nov 2017 – released by the UFC

mirko650Cro Cop kicked off the USADA era, not testing positive, but by phoning the UFC to tell them he had been a naughty boy. On November 4th testers representing USADA visited his house and collected two samples from the Croatian. Later that day he contacted the UFC and told them that he had taken Human Growth Hormone. Five days later he admitted to USADA taking Hgh and his fate was effectively sealed. Initially retiring, and then blaming a shoulder injury and a German doctor in a website post, Cro Cop was nonetheless banned for two years on 25th November 2015. Sometime later he received an email confirming his samples from November 4th had passed the USADA scrutiny, but it must be noted, that only two samples were collected, which would be urine and blood for passport analysis, and in the absence of a “hgh specific” collection, his samples wouldn’t be analysed as such. Cro Cop was granted a release by the UFC in early 2016 and at that point his suspension was put on hold as he had left the testing pool. His suspension will resume if and when he returns to the UFC which is unlikely.

Tested during suspension? No, left the UFC.

2.Gleison Tibau

Current status: Suspended till Nov 2017

On 4th December 2015 it was announced that the Brazilian had tested positive for EPO. He contested his innocence and claimed initially to have accidentally ingested a banned substance, making it possibly the first known case of ingested EPO. 19 days later, 2 days before Christmas its announced that he has failed a second test and his story is effectively thrown in the bin. In February he admits he will not be fighting the charges but claims:

I have to apologize to my fans because it was a medical mistake. We used a substance we thought wouldn’t be anything, we used it out of competition. I have my conscience clear that I took it without imagining I was doing something wrong.

Yes Gleison, because injecting Epo is totally normal, and there’s no way you would think you were cheating in any way. The next day he was banned for two years, and his result against Abel Trujillo reversed to a loss.

Tested during suspension? Tested September 2016, December 2016 and March 2017

3.Yoel Romero

Current status: Suspension ended 11th July 2016

shedrxA month after Tibau and American Top Team rack up their second victim. Three weeks after his fight against Jacara Souza it was announced that Yoel had failed an out of competition test in late December. Protestations followed and a contaminated supplement was blamed as it was revealed the positive was due to a SARM, Ibutamoren. The culprit was found and he received a reduce sentence of 6 months after it was determined the supplement he was taking, Shed-RX, contained prohibited substances not indicated on the label. (Although why he was taking something branded “RX” – industry code for “Research Chemical” and something marketed as a “Fast acting diuretic” is anybody’s guess).

Tested during suspension? Tested twice in June 2016

4.Diego Brandao

Current status: Suspension ended 1st October 2016, released by the UFC

It all started innocently enough for former Ultimate Fighter winner Diego Brandao. Positive for elevated levels of Carboxy-THC (Cannabis) following his fight against Brian Ortega a short ban was in the offing. It all went downhill from there however as Brandao was arrested for pistol-whipping a man outside a strip club, failed to turn up at his Nevada Athletic Comission hearing, and was ultimately cut by the UFC. Brandao was given 9 months by both USADA and the NSAC.

Tested during suspension? No, left the UFC.

5.Fabio Maldonado

Current status: Released by the UFC, last seen in Russia

Released by the UFC in December 2015, Maldonado decided to tell everyone in April that he spent his final months in the UFC using DHEA. The absence of a positive test (He was only tested once by USADA) and the fact he had left the UFC four months prior resulted in USADA just rolling their eyes at him and moving on.

6.Abdul Karim Edilov

Current status: Suspension ended April 2017

meldonium-grindexThe first of a trio of Meldonium cases, Edilov would be suspended in February but it would be a full six months before his case was finalised. His camp claimed the positive was due to heart medication for atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis but things would drag on while WADA awaited the results of excretion analysis on the substance. Ultimately it was of little consequence as Edilov admitted to use after January 1st (The point when meldonium became prohibited) and he was suspended for 15 months, a 9 month reduction on the potential sentence as he was able to demonstrate he was taking it under medical guidance.

Tested during suspension? Tested December 2016 and February 2017

7.Tim Means

Current status: Suspension ended 2nd August 2016

Suspended by USADA on 3rd February, Tim was quickly to social media to express his shock, confirming the substances as Ostarine. Means quickly photographed all his supplements and sent them off to USADA and a short time later the culprit was discovered. The fairly innocuous looking “Hgh-X” was found to be at blame and Means received a reduced 6 month suspension as no prohibited substances were indicated on the label.

Tested during suspension? No.

Grab it while its hot!

8.Luis Felipe Olivieri

Current status: Suspended until (at least) March 2018

Informed in March of a positive for Methyl-testosterone from January (God bless those efficient people at the Rio de Janeiro laboratory), Olivieri remains in limbo awaiting a USADA decision. There had been question marks over the Rio lab (Its lost its accreditation multiple times in recent years), a route Olivieri went as his primary defence at tribunal claiming the Rio lab had contaminated his sample. The tribunal board didn’t buy it and he was suspended for 2 years.

As with the case of Brock Lesnar USADA made specific emphasis on their release that athletes must remain in the testing pool or their suspension is put on hold until they re-enter the pool suggesting that Olivieri has left the UFC testing pool. In March he was removed from the UFC website.

Tested during suspension? Not tested during suspension.

9.Frank Mir

Current status: Suspended until April 2018


We have seen a rash of positives in 2016 for drug of choice in the former Soviet Block, Turinabol, several baseball players popped, and notably, in the retesting of the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games samples, multiple positives  (64 of 136 positives in the Olympic testing are for Turinabol) leading to speculation that there was a new test for the drug (There is and more on this in a future blog). Add to the list of victims, Frank Mir who in April was informed of his positive and quickly took to podcasts, social media and interviews to spread the gospel of “Trace Metabolites”. Following stories of clenbuterol use in Mexican farming, Mir hit upon the idea of farmers down under using surplus East German steroids to bulk up their kangaroos and went with the tainted meat defence.

In April 2017 it was announced that Mir had received a 2 year suspension for multiple positives after they also retroactively tested a prior sample which too tested positive.

Tested during suspension? Not tested so far during suspension.

> Further reading on Turinabol and the Frank Mir Case <

10.Viscarde Andrade

Current status: Suspended until at least March 2018

Suspended in April in relation to a pre-fight sample taken before his win over Richard Walsh in March (The ever efficient Rio lab doing its work again), information has been minimal on this case. Walsh claimed in a Facebook Q&A Session that the substances in question was Stanozolol. In March 2017 Andrade was suspended for 2 years retroactive to 20th March 2016, the day after his fight with Walsh. The result was overturned to a no contest. In May 2017 Andrade was released with 10 months remaining on his suspension.

Tested during suspension? Tested December 2016.

11.Lyoto Machida

Current status: Suspended until October 2017

Things went awry for Lyoto Machida when he decided to write down 7-Keto DHEA as something he had been taking on his doping control form. Protestations followed including the claim that it had only been banned for a few months. USADA eventually suspended Machida for 18 months (he also tested positive for 7-Keto use) and Machida responded by claiming lack of education and information from USADA, something USADA later denied.

Tested during suspension? Tested December 2016, February and June 2017

12.Islam Makhachev

Current status: “Without fault or negligence” finding issued. 

Initial suspended for a meldonium positive in April 2016, Makhachev’s suspension was lifted in early July pending excretion study results from WADA. and on July 27th the fighter was cleared after USADA accepted that the levels of meldonium in his system were consistent with use prior to January 1st 2016, and in relation to approved medication for frequent ventricular arrhythmia.

13.Carlos Diego Ferreira

Current status: 1 year suspension from NSAC, 17 months from USADA. Can return in September 2018

The third of renowned manager Malki Kawa’s clients to fall foul of USADA, Ferreira tested positive for Ostarine at the end of April. Still awaiting a decision from USADA he is however suspended for 1 year by Nevada Athletic Commission after he inexplicably turned at his hearing with no representation and barely speaking a word of English. Guess all the hot-shot lawyers are busy defending the ranked guys?

In December Ferreira was suspended for 17 months by USADA. It was revealed he tested positive for both Ostarine and produced a sample that was consistent with DHEA use. A supplement was found to be the culprit that listed one prohibited substance on the bottle (DHEA) and one unlisted substance (Ostarine). (The supplement is likely Ar1macare Pro – “Turning men into demi-gods” – which lists Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione on the label).

Tested during suspension? Tested December 2016, February and May 2017

14.BJ Penn

Current status: Suspension ended 24th September 2016

021816-bj-penn-getty-6BJ Penn continued the now traditional behaviour of UFC fighters by voluntarily declaring a doping violation on his pre-fight questionnaire. On this occasion it was for use of IV which he claims he was unaware was prohibited. The IV of vitamins was allegedly administered on a medical road-trip, with Penn’s defence being confirmed as “100% accurate” by Jackson Wink doctor Beau Hightower (yes, thats a real name), despite him not actually being present when it was conducted. Penn was eventually slapped with a six month ban delaying his much anticipated comeback (already delayed by a false sexual assault accusation). Things didn’t improve much as his scheduled fight against Ricardo Lamas was abandoned when Penn suffered an injury in the run-up to the fight. He eventually returned to the cage against Yair Rodriguez in January 2017 with Rodriguez winning in dominant fashion.

Tested during suspension? Tested late-August 2016.

15.Chad Mendes

Current status: Suspended until 9th June 2018

After defeats at the hands of both Conor McGregor and Frankie Edgar, Chad Mendes discovered that bad news does indeed come in three’s as he was suspended in early June after testing positive for GHRP-6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide). Mendes would blame a skin cream for psoriasis for the positive despite GHRP-6 not being FDA approved in the US so consequently could not appear in a prescription cream. Mendes will be able to return in June 2018 after receiving a 2 year ban.

Tested during suspension? Tested September 2016, November 2016, March and May 2017

16.Daniel Omielanczuk

Current Status: Found to be “Without fault or negligence”

The third of the meldonium cases, Omielanczuk was informed of a positive test in July 2016. Not suspended by USADA as they were following latest WADA guidelines while they awaited excretion study results. In February 2017 USADA issued a finding of no fault against Omielanczuk after he provided evidence of using the substance in August 2015 and levels being consistent with that.

17 & 37.Ricardo Abreu

Current Status: Suspended indefinitely. (Until at least 2021)

Provisionally suspended on 3rd July 2016 after testing positive for 19-norandrosterone and 19-noretiocholanolone, Abreu’s case was decided in record time as just three weeks later he was banned for two years. He would have been eligible to return in July 2018 however on 1st February 2017 it was announced that he tested positive again making it likely he will never be seen in an Octagon again. A few days later Abreu made that definite by announcing his retirement. In May 2017 it was announced that Abreu had been suspended for a further 4 years with the penalties on hold until such a time that he returned to the UFC. The subtance involved was once again 19-norandrosterone, the metabolite of Nandrolone.

Tested during suspension? Tested December 2016. 

18.Jon Jones

Current Status: Suspended by USADA and NSAC until 5th July 2017

Three days before his scheduled light-heavyweight title bout against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, Jon Jones world was rocked as it was announced he had tested positive in an out of competition test in late June. A tearful Jones appeared the next day flanked by manager Malki Kawa and a PR expert where he insisted he had never cheated and they were investigating how it happened. (Malki interestingly declined to send anyone on a one hour flight to witness the B-sample being analysed). Later that day Rashad Evans let the cat out of the bag declaring he (Jones) had tested positive for estrogen blockers, and a few weeks later at a Nevada Commission hearing it was confirmed he had tested positive for Letrozole and Hydroxy Clomiphene.

Jon takes a page from Marion Jones’s play-book

At that point the PR machine sprung into action, with people including UFC president Dana White insisting that things looked good for Jones. By late October with doping attorney Howard Jacobs now on board, and following an appearance by Jacobs on the Luke Thomas Show, the Jones team had everyone pretty much convinced that he was innocent, would walk free and USADA would in fact ban themselves for 12 months.

That wasn’t to be the case. The arbitration panel heard how a team-mate of Jones had purchased a number of “capsules” at some point (dates varied from testimony to testimony) from a website specifically dealing in prohibited substances (the capsules were marketed as “research capsules”) along with an order for clomiphene. On receiving the package he noted that the capsule packet stated “For research purposes only – not for human consumption” and at this point he still thought it was a good idea to give some to the (Interim) UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World to increase his performance in the bedroom.

Four batches of the capsules were analsyed by USADA, with all four containing varying amounts of clomiphene, letrozole and a third substances, tamoxifen, with the panel happily overlooking the lack of tamoxifen in Jones sample.

Despite a double-barrelled assault from USADA council William Bock III who accused the Jones team of multiple inaccuracies and calling their stories “contrived”, the arbitration panel nonetheless decided that Jones had not intentionally cheated, but still banned him for the maximum possible 1 year.

Jones still has the matter of a Nevada Athletic Commission hearing to negotiate, but if they are lenient, and if he can successfully keep out of trouble for 12 months (questionable), he could return to the Octagon in July 2017.

In December 2016 Nevada Athletic Commission accepted a settlement agreement from Jones’s team and replicated the USADA ban of one year.

Tested during suspension? Tested December 2016, February, April, and May 2017.

19.Brock Lesnar

Current Status: Suspended by both USADA and Nevada Commission until (at least) July 2017

brock-lesnar-ufcLesnar already the subject of controversy over reports of a 4 month waiver granted in regards a rule that probably didn’t apply to him anyway, went on to beat Mark Hunt at UFC200, picked up a $2.5m payday and promptly tested positive afterwards for clomiphene in both pre-fight and fight night tests.

Lesnar’s team brought in attorney Howard Jacobs, along with his medical sidekick Paul Scott who conducted analysis on Lesnar’s eye drops and foot cream in the hope of finding contamination. (Paul Scott you may remember found contamination in Anderson Silva’s “blue vial” but then forgot to take either lab reports or any information with him to the commission hearing – More on Howard and Paul in a future blog).

In December Nevada Athletic Commission accepted a plea deal of 1 year although its unclear from what point the NSAC suspension will run.

On January 4th 2017 he was officially suspended for 1 year by USADA. In the USADA release they specifically stated that if an athlete leaves the testing pool then their sanction is mothballed until such a time as they return. If as is assumed Lesnar has left the UFC and the testing pool then he must serve out his sentence on his return. In February 2017 Lesnar’s profile was removed from confirming he had left the company.

A few days later it was confirmed by USADA that he had indeed left the testing pool after informing both the UFC and USADA of his retirement

Tested during suspension? Not tested during suspension.

20.Francisco Rivera

Current Status: Provisionally suspended since 17th July

Suspended since mid-July Rivera revealed the substance as being clenbuterol and claims that it was as a result of eating tainted meat while in Mexico. Francisco has put forward that his USADA wherabouts details will show him as being in Mexico along with travel documents but no decision has yet been made on the case. In February 2017 Rivera’s profile was removed from

Tested during suspension? Not tested so far during suspension.

21.Emil Weber Meek

Current Status: Served four month “probation”

Meek’s rise from everyday jock to man mountain has been well documented by him personally on Norwegian body building forums so it was perhaps no surprise that he drew USADA’s attention, although not many would have expected it to be before he was even tested. Nobody knows quite what Emil told USADA in his initial meeting with them but it was enough for them to insist he undergo a four month testing period before being allowed to compete.

Meek would appear on the MMA Hour telling Ariel Helwani that he was prevented fighting after admitting to using “asthma medication, cortisone and having an IV” before releasing a statement the following day saying that he had “mistakenly mischaracterized” the nature of the substances in his appearance on the show.

22 & 36.George Sullivan

Current Status: Suspended originally until 30th January 2017. Suspended again until January 2018

Initially pulled from UFC on Fox on 21st July for a “potential compliance issue”, Sullivan was formaly suspended on 24th August 2016. Three months later it was revealed that he had accepted a 12 month ban for the use of  IGF-1 administered via “Deer antler spray”. The ban was backdated to January 31st, the day after his final UFC bout.

In March 2017 Sullivan would state that his positive was caused by a supplement that didn’t list IGF-1 on the ingredients and he had know was of knowing it contained IGF-1

So the worst part about last year’s suspension was, the thing I was suspended for was not on the bottle label, it was not on the ingredients. So when they tested a supplement I was on, it tested positive for unlabeled residue of something which I can’t say because we’re gonna be going to court but basically I was screwed over. I never took anything willingly knowing I was taking an illegal supplement. That’s what hurt me the most was everyone was like ‘Awh, he took it.’ I didn’t even know it was in the bottle.

Helpfully USADA added the substance he took to the “High risk List”



Fair do’s George. How could you possibly know a $200 supplement called “IGF-1 Plus Super Max” contained IGF-1?


On 26th January 2017, five days before his suspension was due to end, Sullivan was once more suspended for testing positive and pulled from his fight at UFC 208. Sullivan would post on facebook later in the day that it was due to a “fertility treatment”

Hey guys it’s a misunderstanding about a fertility pill I started taking [three] weeks ago to try and have a baby. [Dr.] Morgan is sending in all of his paper work tomorrow to clear this up,” he wrote. “I’m sad that it came to this. My [doctor] and I are shocked, and we will clear this up. I have all the documents to prove it. I love my wife and starting a family is everything to us ! God bless.”

He later confirmed that the substance involved was Clomiphine (leaving him facing  a 2 year ban as a result of a second violation) and that he had applied for a retroactive TUE.

In June of 2017 USADA suspended him for a further year. The rTUE was declined on the basis that clomiphine is not FDA approved as a treatment method for males.

Tested during suspension? Tested December 2016, January and June 2017.

23 & 24.Guangyou Ning & Jing Liang Li

Current Status: Both found to bear “No fault or negligence”

The two Chinese fighters tested positive for clenbuterol, but in both cases it was found to be in levels consistent with contamination from meat (Clenbuterol is commonly used in meat production in China)

25.Adam Hunter

Current Status: Banned by BCAF until 25th August 2018, indefinite ban from UFC by USADA.

Hunter got as far as the weigh-in’s before being pulled from the card for multiple violations.

Its the moment every mixed martial artist dreams of, you get the call to join the UFC. You read the contract, you agree and understand that you will be drug tested, and then the day before the fight you get pulled from the card for testing positive for no fewer than FIVE different banned substances (Amoxifen, Drostanolone, Clenbuterol, Boldenone, Methandienone). It was no surprise when Hunter was banned for 2 years by both USADA and BCAF. It was even less of a surprise when in Febriuary 2017 his profile was removed from effectively ending any slim chance of a return to the “big-show”.

Tested during suspension? Not tested so far during suspension.

26.Augusto Montano

Current Status: Found to bear “No fault or negligence”

Tested positive for clenbuterol but levels found to be consistent with contamination and judged to bear no fault or negligence.

27.Ruslan Magomedov

Current Status: Provisionally suspended since 26th September 2016

Tested positive in relation to a sample collected on 7th September. No further details available at present. Magomedov in February told Russian media that the substance involved was Ostarine (Also the case with Tukhugov) and that it came via a supplement he used to boost his testosterone.


One such substance was added to the USADA High Risk List shortly before the statement, TestoShred which was labelled as containing Arimistane and found in tests to contain both Arimistane and Ostarine (Note, this may or may not be the supplement involved – it is marketed as a testosterone booster). If this is the case the fact a banned substance is listed on the label will not help their case.

Tested during suspension? Not tested so far during suspension.

28.Nate Diaz

Current Status: Accepted a public warning

Following admission that he “vaped a cbd pen” in the UFC202 post fight press-conference, Diaz was issued with and accepted a public warning in relation to his “violation”.

29.Lyman Good

Current Status: Suspension ended April 23rd 2017

Tested positive in relation to a sample collected on 14th October. The welterweight has denied taking any performance enhancing substances stating he “would never take shortcuts“.

“I’m too much in love with the pain of training hard since it’s the only thing that separates a real winner from a loser, I would never take shortcuts to get around it especially when you learn the most from a journey of sacrifice and hard work.”

In April of 2017 it was announced that Good was suspended for 6 months retroactive to 24th October 2016. The substance was named as 1-androstenedione with a contaminated supplement found to be at fault.

Tested during suspension? Tested April 2017

30.Guido Cannetti

Current Status: Provisionally suspended since 29th October 2016

Tested positive in relation to a sample collected on 5th October. No further details available at present.

Tested during suspension? Not tested so far during suspension.

31.Matheus Nicolau Pereira

Current Status: Suspended until November 2017

Tested positive in relation to a sample collected on 13th October. In March 2017 the substance was revealed as anastrozole and Pereira was suspended for one year retroactive to October 2016.

Tested during suspension? Tested June 2017

32.Tom Lawlor

Current Status: Suspended until October 2018

Tested positive in relation to a sample collected on 10th October. Confirmed by Lawlor to be Ostarine. It was announced in February that Lawlor had been suspended for two years commencing 10th October 2016. In their statement USADA cited the “remaining in the testing pool” clause suggesting that Lawlor had in fact retired from MMA. He was however tested by USADA in late April/early May 2017 confirming that he did still remain under contract and in the testing pool.

Tested during suspension? Tested late April/Early May 2017.

33.Zubaira Tukhugov

Current Status: Provisionally suspended since 15th November 2016

Tested positive in relation to a samples collected on 7th September and 29th October. Co-incidentally, the second AKA fighter to test positive, and in fact tests positive in regards a sample collected on exactly the same day as one from his team-mate Ruslan Magomedov. Magomedov in February told Russian media that the substance involved was Ostarine.

Tested during suspension? Not tested so far during suspension.

34.Cristiane Justino

Current Status: Retroactive TUE granted and cleared of violation

It was announced by USADA on 22nd December that Cris “Cyborg” Justino had failed an out of competition test on 5th December of the same year.

Cyborg is one of the more tested athletes in the USADA program but this was in fact her first test in 2016 collected without a fight being scheduled.

Later that day Cris’s boyfriend Ray Elbe posted on “The Underground” that it was a substance she had on prescription to treat the effects of a weight cut in her previous fight. It was later revealed the substance was spironolactone a diuretic.

On February 17th 2017 her suspension was lifted and a retroactive therapeutic use exemption issued. USADA then officially cleared Justino of any violation.

Tested during suspension? Not tested  during suspension.

35 .Josh Barnett

Current Status: Provisionally suspended since 27th December 2016

On 27th December it was announced that Josh Barnett was the next victim of the USADA era. Already having tested positive in 2001, 2002 and 2010, Josh then failed an out of competition collection from 9th December. No substance has yet been revealed.

Tested during suspension? Not tested so far during suspension.

38. Justin Ledet

Current Status: Suspended until May 30th 2017

Continuing a recent theme of fighters withdrawing from fights due to injury and then days later it being announced they have tested positive, Justin Ledet withdrew from his fight against Dmitry Sosnovskiy (26th January)and consequently tested positive.  USADA informing the world of his “potential violation” on February 1st as a result of a sample collection on January 12th.

On April 5th, the day after Lyman Good’s suspension was announced it was reported that Ledet had tested positive for the same substance, 1-androstenedione as well as 5α-androst-1-ene-3α-ol-17-one, a metabolite of 1-testosterone. And again a tainted supplement was found to be responsible. Ledet received a four month suspension from 1st February and is eligible to return on June 1st 2017.

Notable was USADA’s reporting that he had “declared the supplement on his sample collection paperwork” perhaps explaining the lesser sentence in comparison to other contamination cases.


The day before a supplement “Anavite” was added to the USADA high risk list which in testing showed to be contaminated with 1-androstenedione. Good stated in interview with Luke Thomas that the supplement in question was a “multivitamin”

Tested during suspension? Tested April 2017.

39. Gian Villante

Current Status: Retroactive TUE issued for asthma medication

On February 24th it was announced that Gian Villante had tested positive for vilanterol, but that a retroactive tue had been issued as a result of him using an asthma inhaler “Breo Ellipta”.

40. Ben Rothwell

Current Status: Provisionally suspended since 7th March 2017

On 7th March it was announced that Ben Rothwell had become the 8th Heavyweight to run into difficulties with USADA. Testing positive in a sample collected on 6th February 2017 Rothwell quickly put out a statement on facebook blaming prescribed medication.

With the recent news received from USADA, I would like to take this time to let everyone know I have been under the care of a physician and trying to overcome a medical illness.

 I would appreciate the chance to show that I have not cheated nor did I intend to cheat. Please hold your opinions of me until all the facts are out. I appreciate everyone’s support as I go through the process with USADA

Interestingly, just a few hours earlier USADA had tweeted a reminder to athletes to check their “compounded medications”…

While this not be related it is often known for USADA’s tweets to be timely and relevant to ongoing cases. Rothwell who was previously suspended by the UFC in 2014 for elevated testosterone will however avoid that being counted against him as the new rules do not come into force until April 1st.

Tested during suspension? Not tested during suspension.

41. Kelvin Gastelum

Current Status: Suspended by CABMMA and USADA until June 2017

On 6th March a UFC statement was released detailing Kelvin Gastelum’s provisional suspension after he tested positive for cannabis (over the notification threshold/decision limit of 180ng/ml) from an in competition sample collected on the evening of his win over Vitor Belfort. His forthcoming bout against Anderson Silva at UFC212 was cancelled as a result.  On 7th May it was announced that Gastelum had been suspended for 90 days by CABMMA (Comissao Atletica Brasileira de MMA ) and his match against Vitor Belfort changed to a no-contest. A few days later it was announced by USADA that they too had suspended him for 3 months, reduced from 6 months for completing a drug awareness course.

Tested during suspension? Not tested during suspension.

42. Jessica Penne

Current Status: Provisionally suspended since May 2017


On 10th May it was announced that Jessica Penne had tested positive for an unnamed substance following retroactive testing on a sample from March 2017. The athlete biologic passport which constantly markers key steroidal and haematological markers in athletes samples flagged discrepancies in her urine profile which led to targeted analysis of prior samples.

More on the  Biological Passport in this piece

43. Ian McCall

Current Status: Retroactive TUE issued for IV use

On June 9th it was announced that Ian McCall had a retroactive tue issued in respect of an IV administered on Doctors advice ahead of his then cancelled fight in February.

44. Amanda Ribas

Current Status: Pulled from July card, on provisional suspension from USADA and NSAC

On 15th June it was announced that Amanda Ribas had become the second successive strawweight to fall foul of USADA. Its unclear from the UFC statement if she is suspended but she was pulled from the upcoming TUF Finale card in July. On June 26th she was put on provisional suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission and the substance revealed as Ostarine


Non USADA suspensions since 1st July 2015

  1. Konstantin Erokhin – tested positive for drostanolone prior to his Tuf 22 loss against Gabriel Gonzaga and was suspended for 1 year from December 15th 2015 by Nevada Athletic Commission. He was released by the promotion shortly afterwards.
  2. Niko Price, Curtis Blaydes, Abel Trujillo – All three fighters were hit with 3 month suspensions from Texas Department of Licensing after testing positive for cannabis at UFC Houston. Of the trio, only Blaydes was tested on fight night by USADA but he did not trip the anti doping agencies 170ng/ml notification threshold. Texas cannabis threshold has flipped between 15ng/ml and 50ng/ml in recent years.
  3. Cortney Ann Casey-Sanchez – suspended by Texas Department of Licensing for exceeding the 4:1 testosterone to epitestosterone ratio (5.4L1)
Violations by Nation
United States 16
Brazil 10
Russia 3
Croatia 1
Cuba 1
Poland 1
Canada 1
Mexico 1
Violations by Weight Class
Woman’s Strawweight 2
Woman’s Bantamweight 0
Women’s Feathwerweight 0
Flyweight 0
Bantamweight 3
Featherweight 4
Lightweight 3
Welterweight 5
Middleweight 6
Light Heavyweight 3
Heavyweight 8

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