From the cobbles of France to Flanders fields

As the world went to war in 1914 Cycling was in its infancy. The Tour de France was just ten years old, the Giro d'Italia only five. It was a hard-mans sport, races held over hundreds of kilometres, on dirt roads, on cobbles, and for many of their riders their careers would end with the onset of war.


Whatever happened to the… the plasticizer test?

At the end of 2010 it was announced by the UCI that Alberto Contador, that years Tour de France winner had tested positive for Clenbuterol in a sample provided during the race. Contador quickly denied he had cheated, blaming the positive on a "contaminated steak" consumed during the race. One day later in L'Equipe it... Continue Reading →

Project: Cycling Team Genealogy

Latest Updates: 09/12/16 Version 1 (Rev 1 & 2) - The final release of the original Genealogy in the old layout. Covers all teams to have participated in a grand tour since 1985 [Download] 23/4/17 Version 2 (Rev 3) - Now working on tidying up the graphics, optimising file size etc for what will be version 2/Rev... Continue Reading →


Archive: Social Justice

In 2013 after Lance Armstrong made his worldwide confession on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" I was asked to write a short piece for Bicycling Magazine. Over the previous ten years, countless people had fought against Lance Armstrong, at times amidst threats both online and more personal. One significant group of people was a loose collective... Continue Reading →


Archive: The Numbers Game

Originally Published on Cyclismas in 2012 A few weeks ago I was asked by the BBC to do an interview. They, like many others, had read my article and graphics on “The legend of the 500” and were interested not only in the true figure, but how 500 became such a defining number. The interview,... Continue Reading →


Archive: “That Remix”

In 2012 over the course of 4 months, "Voice of Cycling" Phil Liggett appeared on Ballz Visual Radio, a South African radio station defending his "Friend" Lance Armstrong live on air. What followed was nearly an hour across three interviews where he defended Lance to the hilt, accused USADA of having no jurisdiction, it being... Continue Reading →


Archive: The Legend of the 500

This piece was originally published on the Cyclismas website in 2012. At the time, this was the first definitive record and real calculation in the english speaking media, of just how many times Lance Armstrong had been tested, and among cycling fans, the number 234 became widely accepted over the following months. The peice would go... Continue Reading →


Archive: Armstrong Business Links

Originally published in June 2012 about two months before Armstrong was charged by USADA with multiple offences. I guess, deep down, everyone wants to cause a shit-storm. The fight against Lance Armstrong was fought on many fronts, in newspaper columns, on tv, on message boards and forums, and in blogs, and one of the things... Continue Reading →


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