UFC & USADA Trialing Cutting-Edge Anti-Doping Method

There has been much talk over the last two years of the UFC having the “best anti-doping program in professional sports” but it seems they may be backing up the talk. In conversation with Joe Rogan on the JRE Experience, UFC Vice President of athlete performance Jeff Novitzky revealed that the UFC are now employing cutting edge technology on behalf of USADA


The USADA (UFC) Year that was – Part 3

In the latest of our regular pieces looking back at 2017 from an anti-doping perspective, we investigate the spate of positives from fighters newly signed to the UFC.

The USADA (UFC) Year that was – Part 2

In Part 1 of our roundup of 2017 from an anti-doping perspective we looked at the fights that didn’t happen. In Part 2, we round-up the “most tested” match-ups of the year.


The USADA (UFC) Year that was – Part 1

Two years into the UFC anti-doping program, the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) continue to have an impact on the sport. In the first of a series of weekly pieces looking at the highs and lows of 2017 from an anti-doping perspective, we look at the fights that didn’t happen.


Graphic: Do I need a TUE for that IV?


Graphic: How long do I have to spend in the testing pool?

After the confusion surrounding Andrea Lee's delayed debut, a simple graphic explaining who needs to go in the testing pool, and how long they need to spend there before they can compete in the UFC.


Fact vs Fiction: The Jon Jones case

Over the last few days, it seems that everybody has a theory, from cutting-edge masking agents to contaminated Gatorade. We try to separate the fact from the fiction in the Jon Jones case. Read the rest of this article on MMA-TODAY


Fast Food, Michelin Stars

“We are a self-supporting cottage industry of knowledge, forums, Twitter thinkers and doers. We all have a certain amount of responsibility. This collective mind has created something and it must be nurtured and sustained because it seems pretty clear to me that most of the established truth-pimps are happy with the status quo.” - L'arriviste... Continue Reading →


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