From the cobbles of France to Flanders fields

As the world went to war in 1914 Cycling was in its infancy. The Tour de France was just ten years old, the Giro d'Italia only five. It was a hard-mans sport, races held over hundreds of kilometres, on dirt roads, on cobbles, and for many of their riders their careers would end with the onset of war.


Project: Cycling Team Genealogy

Latest Updates: 09/12/16 Version 1 (Rev 1 & 2) - The final release of the original Genealogy in the old layout. Covers all teams to have participated in a grand tour since 1985 [Download] 23/4/17 Version 2 (Rev 3) - Now working on tidying up the graphics, optimising file size etc for what will be version 2/Rev... Continue Reading →

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