T is for.. “Turinabol”

Late last night it was revealed that UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Jon Jones had tested positive prior to his UFC 214  victory over Daniel Cormier, allegedly for the steroid Turinabol. We look at what it is, how it is detected, and what happens next for Jones. Read the rest of this article on MMA-TODAY


1 Year, 2 Years, USADA ban lengths explained.

Many people ask why some substances have received shorter penalties than others, for instance on Jon Jones getting  one year suspension, while Gleison Tibau for instance received two years. I will try to explain. The WADA prohibited list for "prohibited at all times" features 6 different categories of prohibited substance (S0-S5), plus additionally three prohibited... Continue Reading →

The UFC/USADA Incident List

A detailed record of every "Incident" since the introduction of the USADA administered UFC Anti-Doping Program.

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Machida, Global Dro and 7 Keto

Why the BloodyElbow article on Machida, GlobalDro and 7-Keto is misleading at best, and at worst... Lets start at the beginning. In this piece on MMAFighting, USADA representative Ryan Madden says that for Machida to discover the status of 7-Keto it would be as simple as visiting GlobalDro and checking its status. Here's where we... Continue Reading →


October 2015 to October 2016 (Post USADA) UFC Win/Loss Records

With USADA testing started properly on October 1st 2015 (First three months were educational mainly) its not one year since testing started for real and the first opportunity to post some detailed statistics as far as win/loss records go. So here are all the win/loss records by Gym, Nation and Fighter over the last 12 months... Continue Reading →


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