Graphic: Do I need a TUE for that IV?


Graphic: How long do I have to spend in the testing pool?

After the confusion surrounding Andrea Lee's delayed debut, a simple graphic explaining who needs to go in the testing pool, and how long they need to spend there before they can compete in the UFC.

Fact vs Fiction: The Jon Jones case

Over the last few days, it seems that everybody has a theory, from cutting-edge masking agents to contaminated Gatorade. We try to separate the fact from the fiction in the Jon Jones case. Read the rest of this article on MMA-TODAY


T is for.. “Turinabol”

Late last night it was revealed that UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Jon Jones had tested positive prior to his UFC 214  victory over Daniel Cormier, allegedly for the steroid Turinabol. We look at what it is, how it is detected, and what happens next for Jones. Read the rest of this article on MMA-TODAY


Whatever happened to the… the plasticizer test?

At the end of 2010 it was announced by the UCI that Alberto Contador, that years Tour de France winner had tested positive for Clenbuterol in a sample provided during the race. Contador quickly denied he had cheated, blaming the positive on a "contaminated steak" consumed during the race. One day later in L'Equipe it... Continue Reading →


The Biological Passport : What is it?

Today it was announced by the UFC that Jessica Penne had become the first victim of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) after discrepancies led to target analysis of a sample from March 2017. So what is the ABP? What is the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP)? In short, the ABP is an ongoing record of an... Continue Reading →


Usada changes to UFC Anti-Doping Regulations (in a nutshell)

As the UFC Anti-Doping program heads towards its second year anniversary USADA have updated the ADP (Anti Doping Policy) with a swathe of changes responding to incidents over the past 18 months of the program. All changes effective April 1st 2017 Multiple violation clause in relation to Athletic Commission imposed violations (The Barnett clause) Decisions made... Continue Reading →


2016 USADA / UFC Testing Summary

Note, after writing this piece, 5 very late samples for 2016 appeared on the USADA website on 11th January. Those five samples were: Aiemann Zahabi 1 Jimi Manuwa 2 Jose Aldo 1 Joseph Duffy 1 Thiago De Lima Santos 1 Adjustments have been made in the article to allow for those. Total testing for 2016... Continue Reading →


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