Whatever happened to the… the plasticizer test?

At the end of 2010 it was announced by the UCI that Alberto Contador, that years Tour de France winner had tested positive for Clenbuterol in a sample provided during the race. Contador quickly denied he had cheated, blaming the positive on a "contaminated steak" consumed during the race. One day later in L'Equipe it... Continue Reading →


1 Year, 2 Years, USADA ban lengths explained.

Many people ask why some substances have received shorter penalties than others, for instance on Jon Jones getting  one year suspension, while Gleison Tibau for instance received two years. I will try to explain. The WADA prohibited list for "prohibited at all times" features 6 different categories of prohibited substance (S0-S5), plus additionally three prohibited... Continue Reading →

Turinabol, Trace Metabolites (and the Frank Mir Case)..

"They can't be described as turinabol metabolites using this method, What could they be? Maybe they're metabolites of a different steroid. Maybe they're metabolites of orange juice." - Artyom Patsev (Sports Lawyer)


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